I would love to talk to you about your ideas for your wedding cake, and I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. Sweet Perfection is a proud supporter of marriage equality.
— - Eva Farragher Cake Designer and Owner of Sweet Perfection

Some wedding photos from our gorgeous Sweet Perfection newlyweds!


Why Wedding Cakes?

The wedding cake plays a very special symbolic role in the celebration of your marriage.  Your friends and family celebrate with you as you share your first meal together as a wedded couple...and nothing symbolises both the beauty and bounty of this new union than the cake! This tradition has spanned the world in some form over centuries in every culture...with the specialness and richness of the cake a symbol of the fruitful union of the new couple.

The wedding cake holds a special place on its own table at your reception, and the cutting of your cake remains an important reception event. Couples these days like their cake to symbolise their uniqueness, and it often brings together the style and 'flavour' of the whole wedding day.

Best of all, you have the option to choose a wedding cake which can form part of your wedding feast...why not serve cake as the dessert course of your wedding? Once again, in modern times we have a huge variety of cake styles that can offer a mouthwatering dessert, and which may reduce the overall cost of your wedding reception catering.


Where to Start?

In order to design and create your perfect wedding cake,  there are some key things to know before you contact a cake designer. When you make an enquiry, please let your designer know:

The date of your weddingThe location of your wedding receptionThe number of guests you are havingWhether you will serve the cake as your dessert course, or just with tea and coffee, or as part of a dessert buffetWhether you wish to keep your top tierYour budget for the cakeYour wedding themes and colours, and what YOU like in a wedding cake - feel free to send photos!

With this information, your cake designer can let you know their availability and give you an estimate of the cost. If this is satisfactory, then a design consultation and tasting can be arranged.


What To Do Next

Please read our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page which answers a lot of the questions you may have!

Check out our Cake Flavours and Fillings page to explore what we can offer your tastebuds!

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Ready to Make an Enquiry?

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We are taking limited orders in 2019.

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How to Get In Touch

Sweet Perfection is a custom cake making business. We do NOT have a shopfront, nor do we take walk-ins.

I welcome enquiries via our "Contact Us" page, or via email sweetperfectioncakes@gmail.com.

All consultations are by appointment only.

Please note, that as a sole operator, I am often booked out well in advance. I can 'pencil in' an enquiry, however unless you have placed a deposit and agreed to my written quote (via email), you do not have a confirmed booking. I operate on a first in, first served basis.